Project objectives

The main objectives of the DRY4GAS project are the following:
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions due to:
    • The use of renewable energy in the drying process.
    • The electric power generation in the ORC from sewage sludge, which will reduce the electrical power consumption.
    • The reduction in transportation associated to sludge management, as a consequence of its volume reduction.
  • Reduction in acoustic emissions associated to sludge transportation.
  • Reduction in odor nuisance by reducing volatile compounds.
  • Development of a green circular economy by promoting the reuse of sludge and ashes, both for energy recovery and for the manufacture of construction materials such as concrete, as well as for the amendment of sludge intended for agricultural use.
  • Improved hygienic conditions of the sludge because solar dried sludge is more biologically stable and easy to handle.


aerial photo of San Javier EDAR