Final monitoring visit of the LIFE DRY4GAS project


EThe 14th and 20th of September 2023 the final monitoring meeting of the LIFE DRY4GAS project has been held, with the attendance of Federico de Filippi, project advisor of CINEA (European Commission) and Patricia Serrano, external monitor of ELMEN. The 14th of September an online meeting has been celebrated. Advances reached from June 2022 and pending tasks in each action until the end of the project have been shown. The meeting continued the 20th of September. Representatives of all project partners jointly with Federico and Patricia, visited the LIFE DRY4GAS prototype in the WWTP of San Javier (Murcia). They received information of the situation of the works in the prototype and they could see the dryer and the energy recovery part working. Elements of different parts of the installation were explained and control screens of the prototype were shown. Furthermore, the charge of a batch of fresh sewage sludge in the dryer and the system for moving it inside the dryer up to the outlet were seen. A redler transported the dried sewage sludge to the storage hopper for its final use: gasification or agriculture. They have also the opportunity of knowing different elements of the gasification plant that is almost completed, apart from some details that will be finished during next weeks. Lastly, services of compressed air, propane, electricity and water supply for the work of the facilities and connections between parts of the prototype were shown. The advances in the installation have been important and Federico and Patricia expressed their satisfaction with the development of the project, waiting for the working of the prototype as a whole, which has been delayed for several reasons.    ]]>

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