General description of the project

The DRY4GAS project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union

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DRY4GAS is a demonstrative project that proposes an environmentally sustainable technology solution for the management and reuse of sewage sludge generated in a WWTP.

In the project framework, a prototype integrated by a solar dryer, a gasification plant, a gas burner and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) will be developed, as energy valorization process with the production of 120 MWh/year. In addition, the project proposes an alternative agricultural valorization method of the sludge by evaluating the reuse of gasification ashes mixed with sewage sludge for improving sludge quality as an organic amendment and analyzing the associated effects on soil.

The main objective of the DRY4GAS project is to reduce the environmental impact associated to the conventional management of sludge from a WWTP by implementing the proposed solution in an operating WWTP located in San Javier (Murcia, Spain). The results obtained during the project will demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed technology in a real operating WWTP. Furthermore, a replicability plan will be defined in order to applicate the project solution in other WWTPs or in other similar applications.

project scheme