A. Preparatory actions

A1. Characterization of sludge drying in CIEMAT’s  solar hybrid dryer pilot plant.
A2. Determination of the operating conditions of the gasifying experimental platform using sludge from a solar dryer. 
A3. Gasification gas characterization. 
A4. Engineer for the energy recovery system.
A5. Characterization of sludge and soil.
A6. Preparation of the prototypes construction.

B. Implementing actions

B1. Design, construction and operation of a solar dryer for sewage sludge.
B2. Design, construction and operation of a gasification prototype plant.
B3. Measurements of gas quality in the pilot plant.
B4. Design, construction and operation of the whole system of energy valorization.
B5. Environmental and agronomic study of use of sludge in crops. 
B6. Prototype integration and global evaluation of results.
B7. Technology replicability and transferability promotion.

C. Impact monitorisation of the project actions.

C1. Monitorisation of the project impact. 
C2. Socio-economic and environmental impact of the project through ACV. 

D. Public awareness and results dissemination

D1. Activities of project communication. 

E. Project management

E1. Global management of the consortium.
E2. Financial and administrative control of the project.
E3. After-LIFE Plan.