The Project in the World Congress ISWA 2019

Between 7th and 9th October 2019, the World Congress ISWA 2019 was held in Bilbao. ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) is an international association non-governmental, independent and non-profit association. Its mission is to promote and to develop professional waste management worldwide as a contribution to sustainable development.
The ISWA World Congress 2019 carried out its 29th edition with the theme “The road to the sustainability and circular economy”. The congress was based on a scientific programme which was focused on sustainable waste management, circular economy and resource efficiency, highlighting the future strategies, new & smart technologies, landfills and closing dumpsites, waste management in developing countries, waste to energy, waste reduction, prevention, reuse and recycling, climate change, health, urban mining, the problem of marine litter, and environmental responsibility, among others.

image of iswa 2019 Congress

In this event, the LIFE-DRY4GAS Project was presented, through the participation of Virginia Pérez, a CIEMAT researcher, who exposed the work entitled “Sewage sludge solar drying and gasification for energy recovery”. Results of sewage sludge solar drying and gasification preliminary tests conducted at CEDER-CIEMAT facilities were shown. These tests will be the basis for the design of the demonstration plant that will be settled in San Javier (Murcia)‘s WWTP.
The presentation was performed in the session “Una mirada al Futuro”, moderated by Pilar Vázquez Palacios, president of ANEPMA (Asociación Nacional de Empresas Públicas de Medio Ambiente, National association of public environmental companies), sharing the table with Renato Ribeiro Siman (Univ. Espirito Santo, Brazil), Marta Barco (Bilbao City Council), Gabriela Otero (Abrelpe, Brazil) and Asa Bergérus Rensvik (EPA, Sweeden).

image 2 of congress iswa