Final monitoring visit of the LIFE DRY4GAS project

poster of the meeting

LIFE-DRY4GAS at the II Forum of Bioeconomy of Castilla and León

On 25th and 26th October the II Forum of Bioeconomy of Castilla and León has been celebrated in Soria, organized by ICE (Institute for the Enterprise Competitiveness) of Castilla and León Government, with the coordination of CESEFOR.

Along these days, 25 oral sessions and activities, with the participation of 50 companies and institutions and with a total of 300 attendances have been developed. It becomes a reference event for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship using endogenous resources and creating job in rural areas. The Forum addressed the four pillars of Bioeconomy from different perspectives: Agricultural and Agro-food Bioeconomy, Bioenergy, Forest Bioeconomy and Circular Bioeconomy.

The main conclusions of the Forum have been that bioeconomy plays a central role in the economic and social development of Castilla and León, boosting job creation and improving citizens’ life quality. The richness in agricultural and forest resources contributes to a strategic development of bioeconomy in Castilla and León. The great biodiversity in Castilla and León, based in renewable resources can contribute to solve problems and challenges, through the generation of new products, services and business models. Furthermore, a de-carbonization is need, so the context offers great opportunities.

LIFE-DRY4GAS project participated in the session entitled “Biotardeo. Networking: Rural circular bioeconomy and participative networks of transference”, that took place on 25th October. The project was presented with a poster in a session of networking in which other projects and initiatives related to circular bioeconomy at national level participated.


Participants of CEDER-CIEMAT at the meeting