Attendance at XV International Bioenergy Conference

CEDER-CIEMAT was present at the 15º International Bioenergy Conference to present the LIFE-DRY4GAS project.

The event was held at Feria de Valladolid, on the 5th and 6th of October, and was part of the II Renewable Gas Fair. It was organized by AVEBIOM (Spanish Biomass Association) and AEBIG (Spanish Biogas Association).

This time, the International Biogas Conference revolved around renewable gas as a way to contribute to a Europe that is intensifying its efforts to produce local, renewable energy; and who is trying to reduce its dependency to the imported fossil gas. In this situation, Spain is also changing its tendencies in the public and private sectors.

Image of the ConferencePresentation of LIFE-Dry4Gas project at Conference

The CEDER-CIEMAT researcher held a presentation titled “Sustainable Management of Waste Water Sludge. Project LIFE-DRY4GAS”. This contribution leads the path to acknowledge the gas from gasification as a renewable gas, as it has been done already with biogas, which has been in the market for longer. 

The 15ª International Bioenergy Conference and the II Renewable Gas Fair has become an extraordinary opportunity to meet other parties involved in the gasification process, not just from the scientific field, but from the technical filed and the public administration.