LIFE-DRY4GAS in the 83th IEA-FBC Technical Meeting

LIFE-DRY4GAS Project in the 83rd International Energy Agency – Fluidized Bed Conversion Technical Meeting (IEA-FBC).

On November 18th of 2021, the 83rd International Energy Agency – Fluidized Bed Conversion Technical Meeting (IEA-FBC) took place virtually, this time it was focused on flexible fluidized bed operation under increasing renewable energy scenario. The session included different presentations on fluidized bed conversion experiences from different parts of the world.

Virginia Pérez, member of the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit of CEDER-CIEMAT, gave an oral presentation entitled “Design and construction of the energy recovery plant of LIFE-DRY4GAS Project”.

Virginia Pérez described the prototype integrated by four technologies: a solar dryer, a gasifier, a gas burner and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

In line with the main topic of this technical conference, Virginia Pérez provided information about the design basis of the bubbling fluidized bed gasifier, which will be built soon. Some pictures and data from the gasification pilot plant in CEDER-CIEMAT, on which the gasifier of the project has been based, were shown. The operating conditions of the gasifier and the main parameters analysed in the gas characterization were also presented.

Virginia Pérez explained that the project is being implemented in the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of San Javier, Murcia. Pictures of the progress of the solar dryer and the combustion chamber construction, the most developed parts of the project, were shown.

Lastly, a special mention at the approach of the conference was made. LIFE-DRY4GAS concept, with its fluidized bed technology, can contribute to the increased use of renewable energies and decarbonisation, as well as the adequate waste management and circular economy.

Finally, a picture of the LIFE-DRY4GAS project poster including the partners and the website was shown.

The presentation will be available on the website

Image of the meeting presentation

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