LIFE-DRY4GAS Project gets one prize

LIFE-DRY4GAS Project gets one prize to the innovative practice with biomass in 2022, due to its prototype for valorisation of sewage sludge

INtercamBIOM network is an initiative of the BRANCHES project, financed by European funds through Horizon 2020 programme. The objective of the prize, promoted by AVEBIOM and CIRCE, is to identify and to make visible technologies, processes and innovative business models in the biomass sector that are little-known, but already available to be used or put in practice.

Winners selection, from the 25 candidates, is the result of a public voting (1647 votes in four weeks) and the final evaluation of a jury composed by 5 professionals with a wide experience in different areas of biomass and bioeconomy.

The double prize has gone, with the same votes that another initiative, to the LIFE-DRY4GAS project financed by LIFE programme of the European Union and coordinated by CEDER-CIEMAT through the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit. It is a demonstrative project that proposes an environmental sustainable technological solution for treatment and management of sewage sludge produced in a WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant).

image on treatment of sewage sludge

This prize will entail an increase of the visibility of the project and the possibility of taking part in networks and events organised by INtercamBIOM.