The LIFE-DRY4GAS Project was in the 81st International Energy Agency- Fluidized Bed Conversion Technical Meeting (IEA-FBC)

The 81st Technical Meeting of the Fluidized Bed Conversion group of the International Energy Agency was held virtually the 10th November 2020.

In this edition, several technical issues related to fluidized bed conversion technology have been presented, with the point of view at the way that the current COVID19 crisis could influence in this technology.

Logo of International Energy Agency - Fluidezed Bed Conversion

Virginia Pérez, member of the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit of CEDER-CIEMAT and coordinator of the LIFE-DRY4GAS project, presented the work entitled “Energy recovery through Sewage sludge gasification: The LIFE-DRY4GAS Project” in this international meeting with experts from up to 19 countries from Europe, Asia and America.

An overall approach of the project, the consortium and the technologies that integrate the demonstrative prototype were shown. A special focus was set at the gasification of sewage sludge in bubbling fluidized bed, due to the great relevance of this technology in the technical forum. Additionally, the alternative to the current use of sewage sludge in agriculture proposed by the project was explained. Finally, preliminary results obtained during solar drying and gasification of the sewage sludge carried out at CEDER-CIEMAT facilities were presented, as a first step for the prototype construction that will be installed in the WWTP located in San Javier (Murcia).